Hi! I am a fairly new and young 3D designer with a passion for crafting captivating visual experiences. With over 4000 hours of dedicated practice in Blender, I’ve honed my skills to transform imaginative concepts into three-dimensional realities. My journey in the world of 3D design began as a creative outlet, but it has evolved into a fervent pursuit to turn my passion into a full-time career.


Embarking on my creative journey, I initially delved into architectural visualization projects, driven by my profound appreciation for architectural artistry. However, as my artistic horizons expanded, so too did my repertoire, leading me into the realms of fantasy and sci-fi art. Along this path, I discovered my passion for creating scenes that ignite the imagination and inspire motivation in others.

Driven by this passion, I transitioned into the realm of product design, where I found fulfillment in helping emerging projects make their inaugural mark on the world stage. Whether it’s rendering fantastical landscapes, designing vehicles, or realizing product visuals, my goal remains the same: to elevate each project above the competition, ensuring it stands out in the dynamic world of 3D art.